we help noobs

We want burncoins to bring people into the crypto space for the first time.
We want to make people realize crypto is fun rather than scary.
We want to help nocoiners and your grandma feel comfortable with crypto by actually using them in a risk free way. We are happy to help anyone with any questions in our telegram group for live support or via twitter or email

we help you

We aim to help you use crypto in a new way.
We want you to use crypto!
don't worry about hodling, burncoins will never moon or get rekt, as they have no inherent monetary value and will not be listed anywhere, ever. What burncoins have is an inherent social value and use case. We want to change the perception that crypto is magic internet money into an understanding and comfort with the value all cryptos provide for society and the social media experience.
we want to help you communicate with crypto

we help the helpless

Burncoins donates 15% of all revenues to charity. despite the crude nature of our tokens, we are not total jerks. we want to help cure sick kids, feed the hungry, rescue puppies and
save the world
We at burncoins are comfortable if we can only do a little to help, but we hope to do alot.

Will you help us?

We just opened. When we have money to donate links to our charities will be posted here.

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