How to buy Burncoins

Step 1: you need seedit wallet.
How do you get a seedit wallet? it's free and easy! Please consult these guides
-or- dm us on twitter
-or- join our telegram group
for further assistance.
any trx wallet will do, although to use Burncoins the tokens must be in your seedit wallet.
step 2: buy some burncoins!
(we recommend the vip package!)
All orders are processed by the entirely human staff of Burncoins (There is a dog that works here too, but she is not allowed to use the computers anymore)
All transactions are processed manually and it may take up to 48 hours to recieve your tokens in your wallet. Don't panic, typically it takes only minutes.
You will be asked to enter your trx address on checkout.
we accept paypal, credit cards, and a variety of cryptocurrencies! there is a 10% discount for crypto payment!

How to send Burncoins

Again, super simple. The guides here walk you through it step by step. On telegram the seedit bot must be active in the group you are sending tokens in. On twitter you can send burncoins to anyone. more social media platforms will be available soon

How to recieve Burncoins

You have to simply exist.
with either twitter or telegram
Anyone can send you burncoins without any effort or input on your end.

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