Why are we upset?

the problem is the crypto space itself. Rife with scams, pointless coins, intimidating jargon, unfulfilled promises, and outright lies. announcements of life altering technology and mad gains. announcements of announcements. an endless ocean of coins and tokens with no real purpose other than speculation on speculation. fear, doubt, and no certainty.

why bother then?

Because talk is cheap. Because we believe that crypto is the future. we believe in a world where people are their own bank. we believe in a world where people can transact with each other freely with no 3rd party lording over them. we believe that dentistry has no place in crypto. we believe that people just do not understand crypto and what it can do for humanity. we believe things can change.
we believe in you..
We want you to join us in changing the world. and we believe we can help.

Why use Burncoins?

That's easy. Burncoins are purpose built for one thing: communication.
There is no risk, no need to worry about an investment, and no degree required to understand how it works. Burncoins are designed to communicate via telegram and twitter in a new way. We want to enable your voice on social media to be quantifiable and hilarious. We aim to give you the ability to drop the mic in every interaction. Also 15% of all burncoins revenue is donated to charity so that those that cannot help themselves receive the help they need.

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